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Vanessa's classes have made a massive difference to not just my physical health but also my mental health. I started doing her classes in person many years ago, and I've progressed from a complete beginner to a more advanced practise with her excellent guidance. I was thrilled when she started teaching on Zoom, and I've been able to get exactly the same level of teaching and care that I did in person. I always really look forward to her classes and thoroughly recommend them.



Pilates is not just for women! Every session I have with Vanessa gives me a serious workout. Having practiced Pilates with Vanessa since October 2015, she has helped build my overall and core strength, as well as greatly improved my posture. Her way of teaching is very calm but still allows for a tough session if I am up for it. We tend to be two pupils in our living room for each session and Vanessa manages to effortlessly adapt the program to suit each of our Pilates proficiency levels. I look forward to every session and cannot recommend Vanessa strongly enough.



Vanessa is a very experienced and professional teacher and passionate about her role. I have been lucky enough to be one of her students for the past year whilst waiting (and struggling) for hip replacement. Before the Pandemic, it was such a treat to have her face to face and one to one with hands-on adjustments and realigning of my body but her caring and loving personality also works very well online too.

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Vanessa is the most amazing Pilates teacher who has been teaching me for the past 3 years. I had previously done Pilates classes but the private lessons which I share with a friend make such a difference. Being hypermoblie and with back problems, Vanessa is able to personally adapt the exercises for me and since starting with her I have had no serious back issues. My posture and understanding of my body have been transformed and she is able to pick up minute inaccuracies with my performance both in person and on Zoom. Vanessa is always cheerful and encouraging and her lessons are the highlight of my week!



Being a male over sixty and stuck in the old days I never considered taking up Pilates, this was something millennials got up to! However, I was constantly suffering from muscular problems in my lower back and was restricted with what I could get up to on a daily basis. The transformation to simply getting around a lot better was swift and I could go about the simple movements much easier. Vanessa`s attention to detail and her understanding of my problem was extremely reassuring and welcome. Now after further one to one classes I am, in mobility terms, a completely different man....thank you Vanessa.



I have been having Pilates lessons with Vanessa for a number of months following a couple of nasty falls. I am 70 and have always had very poor balance. Vanessa has been amazing, helping me enormously! Vanessa has taught all of her lessons via Zoom and never misses a class. Her instructions are clear and she carefully watches to ensure my response is correct. Vanessa is always positive and very encouraging and her lessons are varied and are always geared to my needs and developing my abilities. I have every confidence in her teaching. Vanessa is very definitely five star and I cannot recommend her more highly.

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Vanessa’s superior Pilates experience made the transition to taking online classes accessible, engaging and most of all enjoyable. This is combined with her personal, organised and positive approach to classes. Vanessa offers one to one advice throughout the group classes, taking the time to check in with every client in advance of the session. Every class is a great workout and sense of achievement! I always finish the class feeling happier in myself, along with more mobility in my body afterwards. Even when life returns to some kind of ‘normality’ my virtual Pilates classes are here to stay - I cannot recommend The Club enough!



My husband and I have both been blown away with the quality of the classes, and the professionalism and support that Vanessa offers. Having started the classes in early pregnancy, Vanessa has been amazing at adapting classes to my changing body and helping develop exercises I can do to overcome continually changing aches, pains and struggles. I share each lesson with my husband, and with Vanessa's seamless management of the two classes in parallel, he has now developed the flexibility and muscle tone he was hoping for. We were nervous about the impact Covid might have, but Vanessa has been incredible at flexing to the lockdowns and the changing circumstances of my husband's work and my pregnancy. The quality she has offered us both didn't change at all from in-person, socially distanced and virtual lessons.



I have been a Pilates student of Vanessa for a number of years and highly recommend her. Her face-to-face and online private Pilates classes are really excellent and the latter have been a real life saver during periods of lockdown so much so that I will be happy to continue with these longer term. Every class is individually tailored to my requirement and focuses on strengthening areas where I am weak and helping specific problems. If I was at all concerned about the move from face-to-face to online, I rapidly realised that Vanessa’s attention to detail and her detailed explanations made it just as effective. I really love my sessions with Vanessa, she is so encouraging and inspiring.

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