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  • I’ve never done Pilates before, can l learn now or do l need previous experience?"
    You absolutely can start at any time and you definitely don’t need previous experience! The beauty of Pilates is that it is for every body. The Pilates method is a brilliant form of conditioning that can be easily adapted to suit your level and your body’s specific needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner, we would love to welcome you here at The Club! #JoinTheClub
  • Is Pilates just stretching or can l get a full workout?
    Pilates is absolutely a full body and mind workout. It is often perceived as unchallenging in its movement however, the power of Pilates comes from the inside - out. Pilates is unique in its workout by uniformly strengthening your body, working your core in the most 3D way possible, promoting respiratory and circulatory function, helping to improve your flexibility, realigning your spine, improving your posture and making you feel re-energised in your body...all in just one class! Lovely!
  • What is the Pilates breathing technique?
    Simply put, it is an inhale through your nose and an exhale through your mouth as though you are blowing out through a straw. We like to cue you on ‘exhaling’ on the effort of the exercise. Although Pilates has a particular breathing style attached to its exercises, it is not something that you need to perfect immediately. For us, it is more important that you allow yourself to get used to the movement and enjoy the exercises and then, without realising it, you’ll notice the breath work follows naturally. It takes time to master a new skill, especially when you are focusing on so much else, so be kind to yourself and enjoy the class!
  • Is Pilates only for women?
    We hear this far too frequently and all we can say is Pilates is for EVERY body! Anyone can benefit from Pilates; old, young, newly injured, previously injured, tall, short, male, female, experienced in Pilates or not. Also, we would like to point out that Joseph Pilates himself was a man! Pilates is an inclusive form of exercise which is about your body; moving it, working it, engaging it and discovering its full potential.
  • Can l do Pilates throughout my pregnancy?
    Yes of course! Pilates is a very safe form of exercise that you will be able to work with throughout your pregnancy. Pilates during this time helps to increase your strength, fitness and overall energy as well as helping to reduce stress and give you that much needed mind-body connection whilst you are going through so much change in each trimester.
  • What happens if l have an injury?
    You will receive a health and injury questionnaire upon joining The Club which is super important that you complete and submit to us via our online form which can be found in the #JoinTheClub drop down menu. Once you’ve chosen which class you will be attending, we will inform the instructor taking your class know of your injury or condition however, if you are concerned, please do mention it again to the instructor who will be well equipped to help you adapt the exercises to suit your needs.
  • Can everyone eventually do everything in Pilates?
    This would certainly be a feat as there are now thousands of variations of Joseph Pilates’ original work but, it is also completely dependent on each individual and their circumstance. The key to Pilates revolves around using your ‘powerhouse’ as Joseph Pilates called it or your core. We believe that if you can discover how to fully awaken this, you will reap the rewards of Pilates and its movement method regardless of how many exercises you’re able to perform.
  • What equipment do l need?
    Upon joining The Club, you will receive a welcome letter via email detailing all that you will need at home for you to be able to enjoy each class with ease.
  • What clothing should l wear and should l have a bottle of water handy?
    Ideally wear something that is comfortable and that you’re able to move in easily. Make sure you stay hydrated during your classes and please feel free to take breaks whenever you feel it necessary.
  • What happens if l need to cancel a class?
    Please see our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) which can be found at the bottom of this page and explains our class cancellations policy for you in detail.
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