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The Club Pilates is a friendly, positive and inclusive Club that welcomes anyone interested in Pilates. The Club has been born out of its lovely members who all have a shared enjoyment of movement, wellbeing and of course, Pilates! Whether you are just starting out on the mat, have old or new injuries or are more experienced in your practice, we would love to have you join us. Check out our wide range of weekly classes that we offer, both Virtually and At Home, so that you can start enjoying the benefits of Pilates straight away!

Meet the Founder



Vanessa started teaching Pilates 11 years ago whilst living in South West London. With a background in teaching Classical Ballet, Vanessa's own Pilates journey began in her early twenties whilst training to become a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Teacher.


Already having a real passion for movement, and not fully understanding how to manage her scoliosis whilst continuing to dance and train as much as she was, Vanessa looked to Pilates to condition her core and strengthen her spine. Realising how effective the method was for her back, as well as both the body and mind as a whole, Vanessa began with taking classes with esteemed BASI Teacher Trainer Amit Younger at his studio in Clapham. Vanessa then went on to train as a BASI Pilates Mat-work Instructor with Amit four years later. Starting with only one private client, over the years The Club's members have grown organically through word of mouth into what it is today, a brilliant and truly amazing community of people who all share a love of the positive awesomeness that is Pilates.



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